School of Advanced Studies

Founded in 2017, the School of Advanced Studies (SAS) represents an expansion of the esteemed Highland Institute’s commitment to nurturing and cultivating intellectual talent. SAS offers a comprehensive array of programs and initiatives meticulously crafted to empower graduate and postgraduate researchers. Our endeavours encompass:

  • Research Fellowships: SAS provides a fertile ground for emerging and established scholars alike to delve into cutting-edge research. Through our Research Fellowships, participants engage in intellectually stimulating projects, synergizing with the overarching ethos of the Highland Fellowship
  • Intensive Workshops: Embark on a journey of immersive learning with SAS’s Intensive Workshops. Spanning five to ten days, these programs offer concentrated experiences tailored to deepen your understanding and expertise in specific subject matters, such as ethnographic filmmaking, digital archiving, academic writing, and grant writing.
  • Annual Summer School : Our flagship program, the Annual Summer School, unfolds from early June to late August, embracing a diverse array of topics spanning the humanities, social sciences, and environmental sciences. Dive into a rich tapestry of critical thinking, academic writing, ethnographic training, and social scientific data analysis, expanding your horizons under the guidance of seasoned experts.
  • Winter School: Opportunities for early career researchers and senior scholars, most recently the UiT-Arctic University of Norway-funded Highland Gathering: Ekologos: Global Environmental Humanities week-long workshop 2023, and prior to that the British Academy-funded Effective Academic Writing: Skills Development Workshops 2022. 

At SAS, we are committed to fostering interdisciplinary collaboration and academic excellence, providing researchers with the tools they need to thrive in a rapidly changing academic landscape.

Audience and Scope

Our programs primarily attract graduate and postgraduate students eager to explore interdisciplinary research. We offer a diverse range of topics, from the humanities and social sciences to the environmental sciences, providing participants with a holistic understanding of contemporary academic challenges.

Seminars and Public Lectures

SAS also works closely with the Highland Fellowship and Highland Institute staff in hosting public seminars and lectures for wider audiences, including:

  • The Annual Highlander Lectures (formerly the Hutton Lectures): These popular lectures aim to disseminate scientific knowledge across generations.
Collaboration and Research Portfolio

SAS works in close collaboration with the Highland Institute’s extensive international research portfolio. We regularly interface with the Highland Fellowship, an international society of scholars representing diverse interdisciplinary fields. Fellowship members often contribute to SAS programming, enriching our initiatives with their expertise.

Join Us

At SAS, we strive to create an environment that fosters academic growth and interdisciplinary collaboration. Whether you are a graduate student, postgraduate researcher, or a member of the broader academic community, we invite you to explore our programs and join us in our pursuit of knowledge.

For more information about our programs, fellowships, and upcoming events, please visit our webpage on the main Highland Institute website, or contact us directly.

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